SIMS - Jared Frio - Sunset Valley

Download (Sims3pack) 
This is Jared Frio, from Sunset Valley.
Are you tired about ugly sims in town? So, follow me and I'll bring you all makeover.

Hair - By Nothisisthesims
Skin - By  i-like-teh-sims
Eyebrow - By Eruwen 
Blush - By Tifa

Formal wear outfits - By Rusty Nails
Casual shirt - By Simimi
Speedo - By R2M Creations. 
Pants - By Becky   

Hope you like it.
R2M Creations.

Please do not reupload my creations.

Por favor, não faça upload das minhas criações em seus blogs.


7 comentários:

  1. OMG! I don't believe he was that ugly Jared! :O
    So handsome! *w* Re, please, can u do a remake in his brother? Please, Re! <3 Even you do and don't post here, but to me. XD

  2. i have downloaded jared and he is not showing up in my game!!! please help????

  3. Gorgeous remake. But like Michael AD above, I have downloaded the Sim, and he is not showing anywhere.
    Not n the premade SIms, not on the Custom Sims. Some of his CC clothing is showing, but not his hair either.
    Can you answer us?

  4. andante zen - i wanted to see if i could reinstall both jared and cyclone sword which didnt show up in my game either using 'Delphys multi installer' from 'mod the sims' and it worked!!! they are now both showing up in my game so give it try if you want and see if that will work for you or not



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