Celebrity choice!

Which celebrity do you want to be here for download?

a. Edward Cullen V2
b. Jacob Black V2
c. Remy Hadley (Thirteen) - House MD
d. Taylor Swift


10 comentários:

  1. Jacob black looks pretty good and you caught his likeness really well. I am not a fan of Twilight Movies but Taylor Lautner is cute.

  2. Thanks so much Sack! Good to see you again. xD

  3. Ooh God, your gonna make me choose! I would have to say Edward! But all are so nicely made!!!

  4. d. Taylor Swift

    The Sim surely looks pretty!

  5. as much as I love the other sims on here, I'm gonna have to go with Edward Cullen, though I don't like him as a literary character, if you can even call him that, he is stunning!

  6. OMG i love them all!!Edward sim is like soo pretty♥ Could you please, pleasee upload it to the blog?I really want to download him!Thank you :) I also love your page, your creations are like awesome, all your sims are gorgeous =D



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